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We were unable to authenticate you to access the AU Library Alumni Services page. This can be caused by:

  1. A security certificate error. To access the AU Library Alumni Services page you must accept or create an exception for the site's security certificate.
  2. You did not access this page from American University's online inCircle community. Please login at and use its link to Library Resources under the American News section.
  3. You did not begin a new session of inCircle after previously navigating away from the site or closing your browser. Please return to inCircle, logout, login again, and then follow the Library Resources link.
  4. You may have your Web browser configured to suppress the sending of the referring URL for HTTPS requests. In this case you need to modify your browser settings to access AU Library Alumni Services.
  5. Your PC or network may be running security software that removes referring URLs from HTTPS requests. Discuss this possibility with your network administrators. Referring URL suppression is sometimes done to protect private information that might be contained in the reference. This is valid for HTTP requests but HTTPS secures the potentially private information with encryption so it is not necessary to suppress or remove referring URLs for those kinds of requests.

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